Monday, December 27, 2010

Men's Basketball 2-1 In Las Vegas Classic

Hopefully everybody had/is having a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus/Another-Made-Up-Holiday-Because-I'm-Too-Cool-For-Christmas-Or-Hanukkah and is ready for a new year.

We didn't miss much over the break; the women's game tomorrow is cancelled, and the men played three games in the Las Vegas Holiday Hoops Classic, finishing 2-1. The men also play at home on Wednesday against Arkansas-Pine Bluff. Here's a short recap of the Las Vegas Classic games. Regular posting will resume after New Years. Thanks to those that are still reading.

- Good game all around. Darryl Roberts led the team with 16 points, Zeke Marshall avoids being called a marshmallow by finally playing his size and grabbing 14 rebounds, and Alex Abreu does his job as well by getting 6 assists.

Stetson (W) 72-56

- Steve McNees shot 4/9 from behind the arc to lead the team with 16 points, Alex Abreu had 7 assists, but nobody stood out in rebounding; Brett McClanahan led with 6.

Miami (FL) (L) 69-61

- Other than the strange blowout loss to Temple earlier this year, the Zips tend to play one of two ways against big-time teams. They either lead at halftime then fall apart in the last 10 minutes, or they fall behind early, then play their butts off only to lose by single digits. The Miami game falls into the latter category. The Zips were down 22-9 early on.

- Brett McKnight woke up for this one. He's only been getting 15-20 minutes so far this year, and got 19 in this game, but shot 8-12 and finished with 20 points.

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